Cloud Functionality as a Service Provides Private Cloud with Public-Like Agility & Scale

Written by Anthony Boerema

cloud automation tools

There are compelling reasons to deploy private cloud in addition to utilizing public but selecting, implementing, and operating a private solution is far from easy. The market share, which is very much up for grabs, is currently shared by hardware incumbents in the storage and server space alongside the cloud software solution and implementation vendors. Partnerships and alliances have been forged and broken leaving little clarity on what direction the market space is going and where it will end up.

What’s lacking is a solution set that provides a public-like experience and frees up IT resources to focus on applications and analytics rather than sustaining an IaaS. Private cloud solutions are also expensive and highly complex. IT leaders tasked with virtualizing their environments are presented with a whole new set of complexities that public cloud doesn’t present such as lifecycle management of platforms and self-servicing of virtual infrastructure.

Today’s successful private cloud deployments require IT to harness expertise in server and storage hardware platforms plus one or more cloud solution platforms. Expenditures are greatly increased during planning and implementation phases and ongoing operational costs are incremental. Efficiencies and productivity improvements are gained but from a pure IT workload perspective, not much has changed. Large enterprises have been able to implement private cloud but for small and medium businesses the investment required is cost prohibitive and leaves them with public cloud as the single option.

A simple seamless experience on premise providing lifecycle support delivering flexibility, agility, reliability, resilience, scale, and security through a self-service cost effective subscription based platform is the end game for the private cloud market suitors and addresses the concerns for small, medium, and large enterprise.

Connectloud has had this vision since it’s inception over 3 years ago and today has a fully developed global platform providing Multi-Tenant Automation and Orchestration. Simplification, speed, stability, and scale have been the primary focus for Connectloud’s global platform named uCloud. Unlike other bulky cloud management stacks, uCloud frees up IT from the long painful cycle of installing and maintaining the full cloud platform on premise.

Connectloud’s approach is very different from today’s most popular platforms as uCloud introduces a new breed global control plane providing all cloud functionalities as a service, freeing up IT so they can focus on running business applications rather than building an army of admins to manage the cloud platform. The speed and simplicity of operating uCloud is unmatched boasting over 200 Rest APIs equipping administrators with complete flexibility of portal/dashboard creation and integration for a user experience tailored to fit the need.

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