Why uCloudTM is Such a Leap Forward for Enterprise Cloud

Written by Habib Madani

uCloud is a New Day for Enterprise CloudThe other day, someone asked me a question that cuts right to the core of Connectloud’s existence and why uCloudTM is such a leap forward for Enterprise CIOs in all industries: What takes companies so long to stand up a private cloud through legacy implementation, and what allows uCloudTM to do it so much faster?

The answer is why we at Connectloud left our previous jobs to start a new company – to change tech, to provide CIOs what they have been asking for.

To start with, cloud management platforms – the tools we used to stand up clouds – were mostly an afterthought until now. What folks have done is stitch together legacy software applications and called them cloud management platforms.

Their goal was purely to deploy cloud services, which in essence meant deployment of services, customization and the ability to predict elasticity – demand prediction – and plan out infrastructure as the demand grows.

This process takes a lot of time, and it’s expensive. Enterprises have to align the management software with their cloud needs, set it up in their environment and then train people on top of that. Finally, they have to worry about the scalability and high licensing aspects.

It’s not uncommon to see a project take nine months or even a year to attain production readiness. Meanwhile, development and test teams sit and wait. Or, they procure public cloud space because they can’t wait, and you end up with layers of “shadow IT” that is outside your control.

Connectloud’s Lease Model Eliminates the Waiting

The uCloudTM platform eliminates this delay because it’s a subscription model. We already have a cloud management platform that is built using best practices from the industry. We have taken proven concepts, such as OpenStack, which are feature-rich. Because the whole community is developing, there are large sets of new features with every release.

But OpenStack is not Enterprise-grade out of the box. There’s no standardization for deployment that can be done from a central pane of glass. There’s no built-in orchestrator. It is stitched together and the portal is very weak to say the least. It’s good for sandbox environments.

The other platforms, from large vendors whose names you know, are all stitched-together using legacy acquisitions, rushed homegrown projects and virtual band-aids.

uCloudTM is different. It was built ground-up using lessons learned from the industry. We focused on key features that customers ask for again and again and provided those capabilities. Hence, we have some of the foundational features like multi-tenancy, role-based, multi-datacenter support among many others built into the platform.

To top it off, our platform never touches the Enterprise on-premises application data, thus providing peace of mind to Enterprise security concerns.

We built the platform to give Enterprises unlimited agility while saving them time and money. Once the underlying plumbing is done, you can deploy and launch a private cloud with uCloudTM in a matter of minutes. And after launch, uCloudTM’s simple interface saves even more time in provisioning.

Time Matters in Dev/Test

Provisioning times have always been a big problem for application development and testing.

Consider the user who simply wants a cluster of applications launched as quickly as possible so he can do his job. He doesn’t want to slog through the IT process, sending a request, waiting for IT to procure a server and then waiting for IT to set up IP addressing and configure the environment. It could take weeks, if not months.

But with uCloudTM, you’ve already carved out an isolated cloud for a development team that, let’s say, is developing a voice-over-IP or Machine-to-Machine application, or some social networking application group that requires a Linux-based environment for Java developers. With our solution, they can spin these up and configure the environments with a click. It takes just minutes.

What we are promising, from the Enterprise perspective, is to deliver the same ease of use that Public Cloud provides, but in a private environment. That way, your internal customers don’t have to go to the public cloud for their immediate needs, and you don’t get stuck with the constant rising bill.

That’s the power of uCloudTM. It’s a no-brainer.