On the surface, the cloud would seem to have answered many needs for today’s enterprises. It reduces capital expenditures and frees businesses from on-premise data centers that are often duplicated, siloed and underutilized.

And yet, something is missing. Turn-up of cloud capacity can take months, meaning capital expenditures are simply being replaced by expensive engineering hours. The total cost of ownership is still too high.

Cloud Management Platforms have emerged to provide solutions. Some focus on building internally hosted private clouds while others emphasize Software-Defined Networking that relegates switches and routers to plumbing. As Gartner has noted, “No vendor provides a complete CMP solution.”

Until now.




Connectloud’s uCloud™ is the first platform to empower enterprises with quickly scalable, secure, multi-tenant automation across clouds of any type, for clients from any segment, across geographically dispersed data centers. It’s the IT industry’s first Software-Defined Cloud™.

At Connectloud, our mission is to deliver a unified cloud solution that is simple, flexible and delivers true business value. As the future takes shape, the needs of business extend far beyond singular, automated data clouds. The need now is to manage and automate across clouds.

uCloud™ is about building the next-generation cloud on top of multiple clouds and fulfilling the CIO’s dream of reduced costs and limitless agility.

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