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Financial industries, from insurance to banking, are among the data-rich sectors that stand to reap the greatest benefits from cloud computing.

And yet, financial enterprises generally have not been among the earliest cloud adopters, largely because of concerns over compliance and security and the excessive cost and lengthy implementation of private clouds.

Connectloud’s enterprise-class uCloud™ platform lowers the barriers for financial enterprises.

uCloud™ was built with security in mind and is completely compliant with government and market regulations on data security and privacy.

The platform transforms your legacy datacenters into secure, flexible and agile private clouds with rapidly deployable software defined networks – all without ever touching your data. It’s that secure. Multi-layered encryption ensures that not even your cloud administration is vulnerable.

Once the hardware infrastructure is in place, Connectloud can implement your private cloud in mere minutes versus the months required by legacy vendors.

That means you can provide secure, in-house dev/test and dev/ops environments now and not in six months, reducing the time it takes to get innovation to market and eliminating “shadow IT” concerns.

As a bonus, you won’t be tethered to legacy vendors and their technologies.

The result is on-demand, self-service orchestration, with the ability to seamlessly integrate public cloud where appropriate and a total cost of ownership that can be millions less than the alternatives.

You don’t need to wait for private cloud. uCloud™ can deliver it now.

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