Government agency CIOs confront a complex set of challenges when it comes to cloud computing today.

On one hand, they need the ability to meet the data and computing needs of the public and internal customers more quickly – all while lowering the capital and operating costs of running data centers.

The cloud is a natural choice to solve a variety of technological issues related to human resources, capital and operating costs and the ability to quickly respond to ever-growing customer needs.

On the other hand, however, it can be very difficult dragging a government agency into the present – let alone the future – given the large, mainframe systems that must constantly be maintained if not upgraded. The slow pace of change gives rise to “shadow IT” that runs rampant as IT administrators simply give up waiting for technological advancement and procure their own public cloud resources.

The government CIO has, effectively, lost control.

Connectloud’s uCloud™ offers government CIOs a path to on-demand computing elasticity and reduced data center costs while also enabling CIOs to reclaiming the security and control they need over resources.

With speedy implementation, simplified management and automated provisioning, uCloud™ frees government IT to focus less on mundane taks and more on their core job – improving services and increasing innovation.

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