Privacy and data security concerns that have slowed cloud adoption in other industries are magnified in healthcare, where heavy fines and other sanctions punish non-compliance. In most cases, the public cloud won’t do.

Meanwhile, the compute and storage needs of healthcare organizations continue to rise with government regulations on Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use.

Connectloud’s uCloud™ solution provides an answer. Now, healthcare CIOs have a cost-effective way to meet growing Big Data needs and provide an environment for development and test without risking security or privacy non-compliance.

uCloud™ enables organizations to transform their own legacy datacenters – regardless of hardware brand – into secure, flexible and agile private clouds.

Because uCloud™ never touches your data, it is by very nature HIPAA compliant.Even your orchestration and provisioning of the cloud is encrypted at multiple levels.

Your private cloud and Connectloud’s encrypted overlay network can be up and running in far less time than is required by legacy private cloud providers – and without locking you in to those vendors’ technology indefinitely.

The result is speed, performance, scalability, security compliance and cost reduction – all in a single, intuitive platform.

There’s no reason for your healthcare organization to keep waiting for the benefits of cloud computing. uCloud™ is here.

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