Retail enterprises today face unprecedented IT demands, both from customers and the boardroom.

Customers want the latest and greatest applications, data privacy and constant availability. Board members want CEOs to keep customers happy while attacking rising data center costs.

Connectloud’s uCloud™, the world’s first Software-Defined Cloud™, solves those problems for today’s retail enterprise.

uCloud™ is the first platform to empower enterprises with quickly scalable, secure, multi-tenant automation across clouds of any type. It can seamlessly connect both public and private clouds across geographically dispersed data centers, with a single point of control over all clouds.

If your need is private cloud, for dev/test and other needs projects, uCloud™ enables you to transform your own legacy data centers – regardless of hardware brand – into a flexible and agile private environment in far less time than legacy providers require.

Because uCloud™ never touches your data, security is inherent – not an afterthought.

If your need is public cloud, uCloud™ enables self-service orchestration and unlimited scalability, with enhanced dashboard visibility that allows you to avoid the sticker shock that can be a pitfall. uCloud™ also works across public cloud providers, so you’re beholden to no single vendor.

That’s one beauty of uCloud™. With Connectloud’s, encrypted overlay network, you can have the best of all cloud-computing options – at a fraction of the cost. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Let us show you how.

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