Private Cloud

Many enterprises require on-premise security and thus private clouds. In some cases, notably for financial industries and in healthcare, government regulation precludes public cloud computing altogether.

For such enterprises, the default option is to build a private cloud, but private cloud, to date, has carried its own set of problems, from the lengthy implementation required to the threat of getting locked in with a legacy provider.

As industry analysts have noted, enterprises today are looking for a cloud management platform that both reduces their costs and mitigates vendor lock-in.

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure is the ideal solution for enterprise private clouds.

The revolutionary uCloud™ platform allows enterprise IT to manage infrastructure – whether physical, virtual or software-based – from any vendor or vendors. It can quickly turn your legacy datacenter – or several datacenters – into secure, flexible and agile clouds with rapidly deployable software-defined networks.

uCloud™ never touches your data, so it is natively compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations. And, your administration is encrypted at multiple points to provide maximum security.

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure provides

Lower Costs

60-85% Reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx.


Scale secure infrastructure with multi-vendor flexibility and no limits.

Fast Time-to-Value

10x Faster time to value in seamless buying, deploying, and managing.

Cloud build outs

In a matter of hours.

Multi-Tier application roll-outs

Self service roll-outs in a matter of minutes.

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure combines

Self Service Cloud Management and Orchestration
Virtual Compute (Open-Source Hypervisors)
Virtual Networking (multi-tenant SDN)
Metering of physical, virtual and bandwidth
Self-Service Portals for administrators and end customers
Customizable Catalogues
Reporting and business analytics on your cloud products
Multi-Tenant and Multi-Language Support

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