Public cloud providers – services such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer and Google Cloud – are one of the fastest growing businesses today.

Over time Data Center and Managed Services Providers have been seeing revenues decline due to emergence of multiple Public Cloud providers and lack of native cost effective solutions that would enable them to compete in this hyper growth market. They are transforming into either a Colo provider or Offering a ‘stitched together’ solution for cloud computing with low to no margin.

Connectloud can enable you to become a true self service Cloud Provider in days

Connectloud provides hyper-converged infrastructure software that is ideal for cloud deployments that Enables you, the Data Center owner, to become a Public, Managed Private or Hybrid cloud provider with built in application orchestration, metering, monitoring/notifications, capacity planning, and managed services view. More importantly increased velocity to production all the while lowering up-front costs based on a pay as you go with a minimal hardware requirement model.

Connectloud can enable you to become Cloud Provider in $100,000 net investment including hardware and software

With Connectloud’s industry leading full stack cloud software solution, data center services provider or managed services provider can become a Cloud Provider for a net investment of one hundred thousand dollars (including hardware) in a matter of days.

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure combines

Self Service Cloud Management and Orchestration
Virtual Compute (Open-Source Hypervisors)
Virtual Networking (multi-tenant SDN)
Metering of physical, virtual and bandwidth
Self-Service Portals for administrators and end customers
Customizable Catalogues
Reporting and business analytics on your cloud products
Multi-Tenant and Multi-Language Support

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure provides

Lower Costs

60-85% Reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx.


Scale secure infrastructure with multi-vendor flexibility and no limits.

Fast Time-to-Value

10x Faster time to value in seamless buying, deploying, and managing.

Cloud build outs

In a matter of hours.

Multi-Tier application roll-outs

Self service roll-outs in a matter of minutes.

Your Cloud Provider offers ready to go

Self Service Virtual Compute
Public Cloud
Secure Virtual Private Cloud
Hosted Virtual Private Cloud
Managed Virtual Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

What are you waiting for? Lets talk and become a Cloud Provider.

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