For a Health Care Industry Navigating Tough Times, uCloud Can Help

Name a challenge, and health care companies have it. Labor shortages? Check. Slowing revenue growth? Yep. Cost cutting? You bet. Massive legacy technology problems? Sure thing. Government regulations? Out the kazoo.

All of which would seemingly make cloud computing, and especially the private cloud, a great solution for health care companies. And yet, it hasn’t worked out that way. Look at the world of health care information technology, and everywhere you’ll find instances where the cloud failed to deliver true value.

Health care companies need efficiency, compliance and cost savings, and they haven’t gotten it from the cloud. All that is about to change.

uCloud™, a cloud management platform from Connectloud, provides unmatched speed, ease and low cost in setting up and running clouds of any type, size or number.

In a new eBook, Connectloud explains how its uCloud™ can:

  • Lower operating costs. Connectloud’s software lets health care businesses operate IT more cost effectively.
  • Lower capital costs through data center consolidation. Stretch what your existing data centers can do, or move your on-site data into off-site clouds.
  • Ensure Compliance. The uCloud™ software never touches your data, which keeps you in compliance with HIPAA and other laws and regulations.
  • Make Audits Easier. Get audits done faster and easier by setting up clouds just for audit data, all while staying compliant with regulations and laws.
  • Get You Cloudborne Faster: Deployment in as little as 30 to 45 days, depending on hardware provisioning.

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