For Agencies, Using the Cloud to Promote Clients Is Now Easier with uCloud™

For all the talk and all the promise of enterprise cloud computing, creative agencies – those engaged in web-based marketing or advertising or web development – have struggled to realize the benefits.

Those that have tried to leverage the cloud for campaigns have found heartbreak in lengthy ramp-up times, configuration issues, a lack of control over costs and security problems. If that weren’t enough, agencies are faced with trying to juggle multiple cloud setups, parsing out cloud space among different clients and orchestrating public and private clouds in harmony.

In its eBook for agencies, Connectloud explains how its uCloud™ cloud management platform lowers the barrier to achieving the best of all worlds: performance, cost savings, control and ultimate flexibility in the cloud.

If your agency is looking for a cloud solution that provides on-demand self-service cloud capacity that can be turned up or down in minutes, with advanced functionality and maximum visibility in an easy-to-use package, you’re in for a treat.

Download the eBook to learn how uCloud™ provides:

  • Intuitive multi-tenancy: Adjustable pools of resources and simplified tools that allow creation of customized clouds to support client campaigns.
  • Faster “standup” time: Deployment time reduced from months to between 30 and 45 days, depending on hardware provisioning.
  • Transparency: A clear views of all costs, along with data on how much of the cloud infrastructure is being used at a given time and what is running on top of it.
  • Control: An intuitive dashboard and simple user administration

And much more.

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