For Government IT Under Pressure, uCloud™ Provides an Answer

Government and NGO IT organizations face unique challenges, starting with the often- outdated, lumbering mainframe systems that must be updated constantly to keep enormous databases available to internal and external customers.

Put it this way: Nimble and agile are not the first words that come to mind. For years, we’ve heard that cloud computing would change all of that, however, that has been a hollow promise to date.

Efforts to move government IT to the cloud have met lengthy delays, cost overruns and security issues more often than not, giving rise to “shadow IT” projects that gobble up budget and deprive government CIOs of control.

In a new eBook, Connectloud explores a new path to wringing true value from the cloud: the next-generation uCloud™ software. Download the book to find out how Connectloud’s hardware agnostic, open-source technology empowers organizations to:

  • Reduce cloud “standup” time from six to nine months to as little as 30 to 45 days, depending on hardware.
  • Protect hardware investments by bringing legacy data into the cloud automatically from whatever technology is used today.
  • Achieve CIO visibility of all costs in an IT system and how much of that infrastructure is getting used at a given time
  • Lower total IT cost, both operating and capital expenditures.
  • Achieve true agility by seamlessly orchestrating clouds of any type – public, private or hybrid – and allowing organizations to serve themselves.

Download the eBook today to learn more.

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