Good News, CEOs: Finally, a Platform That Delivers True Business Value in Cloud

For CEOs, the promise of enterprise cloud computing was supposed to be a happy dream that ended with lower capital and operating costs and increased flexibility for your IT department.

But too often, the dream has been a nightmare: Lengthy delays, cost overruns, security concerns, vendor lock-in, loss of budget control, etc. In short, true value in enterprise cloud has remained elusive, just out of reach for most organizations.

In its new eBook, Connectloud offers a better way: The hardware-agnostic uCloud™.

This software platform can have your cloud, of any type or combination of public and private, up and running in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors to get a cloud launched.

uCloud™ empowers enterprises with the same agility as Amazon Web Services in a safe, compliant and robust environment for developing and testing new applications, services and virtual machines.

Download the eBook to read more about how uCloud™ provides:

  • Transparency and control because CEOs can see all the costs of their IT infrastructure and everything about how it is being used on intuitive dashboards.
  • A subscription model that won’t lock you in.
  • Lower costs on both operating and capital expenditures.
  • Total security because the platform is natively compliant with all regulations, from HIPAA to Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Limitless agility and scalability by seamlessly orchestrating clouds of any type – public, private or hybrid – and allowing customers to serve themselves, increasing or decreasing capacity to their current needs.

And much more.

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ucloud for CEO's ebook