For Telecommunications Firms, There’s Now a Clear Path to Private Cloud

Telecommunications firms large and small sell products that help their clients move data and applications into the cloud. But behind the scenes, telcos’ efforts to get their own technology cloud-borne have been fraught with disappointment.

Setting up and managing private clouds takes too long and costs too much. Security isn’t as airtight as necessary. Regulatory and legal compliance is a pain. Then there are the issues of vendor lock-in and getting different cloud types to play nice together. You know the drill.

Now, however, there’s uCloud™. Connectloud’s next-generation Cloud Management Platform provides an avenue for telecom carriers of all kinds to find the value they haven’t yet seen from the cloud.


In its eBook, Connectloud explains how uCloud™ was built from the ground up to handle the jobs of deploying, managing and orchestrating cloud systems on servers, routers and similar hardware.

The hardware-agnostic solution offers unprecedented agility – all while reducing costs.

Download the eBook to find out how uCloud™ delivers:

  • Speedy Deployment and Orchestration: Reducing deployment time from six months or longer to 30-45 days, depending on hardware provisioning.
  • Agility: Quickly set up and orchestrate clouds for unlimited different purposes, whether it’s handling your wireline network, operating certain devices such as Android and Apple phones or managing specific cell sites.
  • Operating Cost Savings: One system administrator can deploy clouds via software-based tools that handle tasks such as storage, databases, administration and operations
  • Control and Visibility: Dashboard reporting for senior executives and tenant administrators.

And much more.


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