The CIO’s Dream: A Cloud Platform With Lower Cost, More Agility and Better Performance

The chief information officer or chief technology officer carries the weight of the world in today’s enterprise IT environment.

You’d think enterprise cloud computing would have been a godsend, delivering unlimited capacity and untold savings on hardware, software, energy and manpower. Cloud should have been a budget boon, but instead it’s a budget buster.

Is it any wonder cloud adoption has been slower than all the hype indicated it might be? True business value has remained elusive. In a pinch, the easier path for CIOs might have been to buy more hardware and fund another datacenter expansion.

In its new eBook, Connectloud introduces its hardware-agnostic uCloud™ as a better way. Based on open-source technology, uCloud™ is more cost effective because you are leveraging our technology to orchestrate a seamless cloud across multiple other clouds.

Your cloud, of any type or combination of types, can be up and running in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors. And when it’s up, you’ll enjoy:

  • Ease of use via a self-service user interface that can provision and deploy clouds in a matter of minutes after the hardware comes online.
  • Transparency and control through intuitive dashboards that offer a clear view of all costs of an IT infrastructure, along with data points on how much infrastructure is in use at a given time.
  • A subscription model that frees companies from vendor lock-in.
  • Lower costs in both operating and capital costs.
  • Complete security because uCloud™ never touches your data.

And much more. Download the eBook to read all about it.

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ucloud for CIO's ebook