uCloud™ Gives Financial Sector Another Reason to Consider Cloud Computing

The financial services sector – banks, insurance companies, securities and asset managers, among others – have long seen the potential value in cloud computing, but like others they struggle to find true business value.

To date, cloud simply has not been up to the task. Not yet.

But with the introduction of Connectloud’s next-generation uCloud™ platform, it’s time for financial companies to take another look.

In a new eBook, Connectloud explains how uCloud™ succeeds at drawing out business value for financial sector companies by enabling them to deploy, operate and orchestrate clouds dramatically faster, easier and less expensive than any legacy solution to date.

uCloud™ also has unique cloud-bursting capabilities, as well as seamless integration with existing banking systems managed by IT. It provides a safe and totally compliant environment for developing and testing new applications, services and virtual machines.

When we say totally compliant, we mean it: uCloud™ never touches your data. You can’t get more compliant than that.

Download the eBook to find out how this next-generation solution can:

  • Speedy Deployment and Orchestration: The online process cuts the time involved from several months to as little as 30 to 45 days.
  • Enable ‘IT-as-a-Service’: Configure and create different IT services, define price points for usage.
  • Lower costs: Reduce resource overhead with a system that allows one tenant administrator to handle multiple jobs in areas such as storage, databases, cloud, administration and operations.
  • Ensure Compliance: Our open-source software never touches your data, so you’re automatically in compliance with laws and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank.

And more.

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