Finally, a Way for Long-Suffering Government CIOs to Find Cloud Value

The CIOs of federal agencies and non-governmental organizations face administrative mandates to shrink their data center footprints and move applications and data to the cloud – pronto.

And yet, the trail to the cloud is filled with security risks, headaches and the remains of projects gone horribly wrong.

While each story is different in the arena of government cloud projects that failed, certain themes emerge. The work took too long – by months or years. It cost too much. It didn’t deliver the promised results for operations and capital savings, flexibility or security.

Fundamentally, the cloud hasn’t delivered business value to government and NGO enterprises.

In a new eBook, Connectloud explains how its next-generation uCloud™ is poised to change all that by:

  • Speeding Deployment: An online process helps cut configuration and deployment time from several months to as little as 30 to 45 days, depending on hardware provisioning.
  • Protecting Your Existing Investment: Because uCloud™ is hardware-agnostic, it works with any hardware you use now – even your mainframe.
  • Enabling Maximum Agility: Government agencies, or departments within those agencies, can collaborate better and even share clouds – all while eliminating “shadow IT.”
  • Ensuring Security and Compliance: Our software never touches your data, which keeps you compliant from Day 1 and allows you to avoid expensive and time-consuming testing.

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