Retail Businesses Can Shake the Cloud Blues with uCloud™

Technology chieftains and the chief executives of retail businesses today increasingly resemble jugglers.

With one hand, they’re supposed to embrace mobile and cyber-shopping. With the other, they’re supposed to discourage “showrooming.” There are other seemingly contradictory dichotomies they must embrace. For example, they must personalize shoppers’ experiences while also respecting their privacy.

And, they must never allow the company to become a security punchline. The cloud should have been able to address all these problems, but to date that hasn’t happened.


Clouds take too long to set up and manage. They cost too much, and don’t deliver the expense savings they’re supposed to. They’re clunky to manage, require too many people to work on them, and on and on.

That’s all about to change.

In a new eBook, Connectloud explains how its next-generation cloud management platform, uCloud™, was built to tackle the deployment and security problems of retail while also avoiding issues like vendor lock-in.

Whether your company’s goal is establishing a cloud merely for dev/test or use many clouds to transform all of IT, uCloud™ can get you there.

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