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NSA Revelations Raise New Questions About Security in the Public Cloud

Written by Zeeshan Naseh

Every day, new information emerges that shows ever-broader electronic eavesdropping by the U.S. government on its own citizens and those of other countries.

The activities are even starting to raise the attention of the courts. And with every revelation of domestic and foreign spying by the likes of the National Security Agency, it gets harder for companies to feel safe storing and moving sensitive data in a public cloud.

The news broke in June 2013, with revelations that the NSA, through an initiative called PRISM, was accessing private communications of people who had used popular Internet services from nine companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and Facebook.

While many details have yet to come to light, PRISM essentially gives the government access to emails and stored data on certain foreign targets operating outside the United States. Continue Reading…

The Genesis of Connectloud

Written by Zeeshan Naseh

Flexibility. Operational cost savings. Averted capital expenditures. On-demand scalability. The reasons for moving information technology to the cloud are compelling.

How compelling? Enough that one study on enterprise cloud computing found 75 percent of firms worldwide using some type of cloud platform. Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson, new research indicates 55 percent of North American and European companies “plan to prioritize building an internal private cloud, and 33 percent already have adopted private cloud.”

Indeed, the mad rush to the cloud makes it appear that building your own cloud stack is a piece of cake. Not so, at least not to date, and especially for the uninitiated. Continue Reading…