Dr. Ryan J. Orr

Stanford University Professor Ryan Orr is a consultant and entrepreneur recognized globally as an expert in technology, infrastructure, finance and investment.

At Stanford, Ryan leads classes on the topics of infrastructure, finance and entrepreneurship. He has planned and hosted a series of Executive Roundtables involving legal, financial, technical and public policy experts to explore new models for infrastructure development both in the United States and in emerging markets. His current work focuses on infrastructure funds, syndicate and club deal structures, and institutional investment in infrastructure.

From 2005 to 2012, Ryan was executive director of the Center for Global Projects, collaborating with co-director Raymond Levitt in managing the center’s industry affiliate and research program. Ryan also serves as a consultant to state and local government and multilateral agencies.

Ryan also is chairman and co-founder of Zanbato, a venture-backed technology platform that connects investors with infrastructure deals in emerging and developed markets.

Outside of education and consulting, Ryan is an active angel investor and advisor of many new technology and infrastructure start-ups. He grew up in Terrace, British Columbia. He completed his undergraduate degree in civil engineering at the University of British Columbia, and in 2005 received his PhD in engineering from Stanford after studying under Nobel Laureate, Economics, Douglass North.