Kumaran Singaram

Head of Asia Business

With over 30+ years in sales and sales management, Kumaran has experienced in building Business in South East Asia from ground up. He created and managed Cisco Asia’s first cross functional sales and business development team to address the ensuing telecoms business transformation toward broadband, video and core IP opportunities. With Cisco's global team support he was able to structure non-standard, multi million dollar contracts that required BOTs (Build Operate & Transfer), Managed Services, Managed Capacity, Revenue Share, JVs etc.

As a MD of Cisco Malaysia he turned around and transformed the country sales operation by 300% in less than 36 months. Realigned non-performing teams, infused new talent, focused on partner development, increased visibility of Cisco in the Malaysian market and aligning strongly with the HQ in introducing change management and infusion of corporate culture to fast track execution of plans.

He holds a a master’s degree in Computer Security from the University of Liverpool.