Zeeshan Naseh

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Zeeshan Naseh is a veteran Silicon Valley technology executive who built the cloud services business at Cisco Systems from whiteboard to global field launch and growth to more than $1 billion in revenue. His portfolio includes all facets of tech entrepreneurship, from innovation to global team-building and revenue growth.

Zeeshan’s service at Cisco began in 1998 with his work as a systems test leader and technical leader. From 2001 to 2008 he took on the challenge of shifting Cisco’s strategy from network-only to world class, end-to-end data center consulting. He developed Cisco’s “layered cake” approach that bundles network, storage, virtualization, software and facilities. He also led the effort to build out the Top Accounts Penetration Program, which generated $120 million in revenue within two years of launch.

From 2008 until early 2013, Zeeshan directed Cisco’s global efforts in cloud services. As managing executive director, he built Cisco Cloud services from the ground up, with responsibility for managing investment funding, strategic direction, tactical planning, profit and loss and sales across the Service Provider, Enterprise, Commercial and Public Sector segments.

Among his key accomplishments while building the Cloud business was his development of the Cloud Vision and Architecture Framework that linked technology infrastructure with software. He also devised Cisco’s four-pillar services GTM for strategy, design, implementation and optimization services while also building a global team of directors, delivery managers, program managers, engineers and others who helped deliver revenue exceeding 300 percent of plan.

Zeeshan also is an inventor who holds more than 20 technology patents in Data Center and Cloud, and he has authored a number of technical books and whitepapers. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Arizona.