uCloudTM - SaaS based Multi-Tenant Automation and Orchestration Platform

Today’s enterprise faces unprecedented disruption and upstart competitors around every corner.

uCloudEverywhere, CEOs and CIOs are under the gun to pull off a seemingly impossible mission: Build an agile, elastic and secure IT infrastructure that also reduces total cost of ownership.

We’d like to introduce you to uCloud™, the cloud management platform built specifically to tackle today’s toughest enterprise IT challenge. Finally, a solution that delivers the all-in-one, self-service cloud orchestration Gartner and Forrester have said the marketplace craves.

uCloud PlatformTM is IT industry’s first SaaS based Multi-Tenant Automation and Orchestration Platform

It is hardware-agnostic. It is intuitive and easy to use. It is secure – both HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant – because it never touches your data and because it encrypts your activity at multiple points.

It can be expanded or contracted on-demand, across any type or number of clouds, from a single point of control that provides maximum dashboard visibility.

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure combines

Self Service Cloud Management and Orchestration
Virtual Compute (Open-Source Hypervisors)
Virtual Networking (multi-tenant SDN)
Metering of physical, virtual and bandwidth
Self-Service Portals for administrators and end customers
Customizable Catalogues
Reporting and business analytics on your cloud products
Multi-Tenant and Multi-Language Support

Connectloud hyper-converged software infrastructure provides

Lower Costs

60-85% Reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx.


Scale secure infrastructure with multi-vendor flexibility and no limits.

Fast Time-to-Value

10x Faster time to value in seamless buying, deploying, and managing.

Cloud build outs

In a matter of hours.

Multi-Tier application roll-outs

Self service roll-outs in a matter of minutes.

You pay as you go, and you pay only for storage and compute you use – not a penny more.

You save dramatically on capital and operating expenses because we’ve used open source and because one administrator can now orchestrate all clouds. Your company enjoys enterprise-level performance and unlimited scalability – to millions of nodes per client.

Best of all, uCloud™ can be implemented in a matter of minutes. That means you can have uCloud™ now instead of struggling through implementation – architect – design – locate – procure – install – configure – secure – that can take six months or longer.

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