Fulfilling the Promise of Cloud to Reduce Cost, Improve Management and Speed ROI


The path to cloud computing has been slow, bumpy and halting for most enterprise users.

Despite the promises of lower capital and operating costs and increased flexibility in IT, companies have instead discovered lengthy implementations, cost overruns, security worries and a lack of visibility and control – not to mention vendor lock-in.

The result has been a slow rate of adoption and several sets of challenges that were documented by Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson in an October 2013 report, Four Common Private Cloud Strategies.

In this video, Nelson talks about her research and says that, overall, organizations continue to struggle with cloud migration, notably in the areas of integration, pricing and performance. She also says 91 percent of companies that think they have a private cloud actually fall short on one or more key elements.

Connectloud CEO Zeeshan Naseh also talks about his company’s mission to clear all obstacles to enterprise cloud computing by building a solution from the ground up.

Connectloud’s next-generation uCloud™ is that solution, delivering implementation of private and hybrid clouds in days instead of months, with complete security, ease of management, dramatically lower costs and limitless scalability.

“In my past life, we used to make tons of money in systems integration,” Naseh says. “We wanted to move away from that to provide a cost-effective solution, an elegant and simple solution. … Using our technology, the customer can attain the value proposition much faster, at sometimes one-tenth of the cost.”

Naseh continues: “Connectloud is delivering on the promise of the cloud to reduce cost, improve return on investment and manage infrastructure, with increased security and scalability.”

Watch the video for more details.

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